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24 Layer Flex PCB
Airport Lighting
Aluminum Housings
Antenna Assemblies
Azimuth Twist Assembly
Battery Charger
Battery Charger/Analyzer
C-17 Encoding Test Set
Control Surface Test Set
Coupler Direct
Duct Assemblies (MH-35)
Dummy Loads to 1.6 GHz
ECCM Equipment (F-16)
Elevation Resolver
Ground Hand Adapter
Inter Aicraft Signal Lights
Keyboard Assemblies
Latch Adapter Assembly
Memory Module
Navigation Light
Power Supplies
Pulse Generator
R.F. Mixer Assemblies
Signal Lights
Student Response Monitors
Tilt Table
Transformer RF/Power
Transmissometer Stands
Other Products (no pics)




    Quality, is the priority product at Disan. QC prepared are utilized for all phases of manufacturing with a Project Engineer assigned to every contract. Disan Has a fully operational machine shop including a CNC machining center, computer programmed rapid prototype machine, fabrication, plating, and finishing facilities and an extensive inventory of electronic mechanical inspection equipment maintained and traceable to the National Institute of Standard and Technology.




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